Emeritus Professor of Theatre John Kirk

A number of former students already know something about my current whereabouts, having contacted me on Facebook. I have very much enjoyed finding out about many of you on that wonderful medium.

My wife, Peggy, and I are still living in a nearly 160-year-old farm house north of Normal. Many of you will perhaps remember that place as the scene of many parties and picnics associated with theatre productions. A few may remember some graduate seminar finals held out there. They were supposed to be sedate wine and cheese affairs echoing Oxford tutorials, but these usually became boozy bashes—after the work was done, of course.

Some of you may know that in the early ’90s I purchased an Orthodox Synagogue in Chicago and turned it into the Greenview Arts Center, which provided a performance venue for ISU actors, artists, and musicians, among others. In 2001, I sold the building to a group that converted it to a “Leather Museum”… I do penance regularly.

I have published two books since retiring in 1997: A new edition of The Art of Directing and Acting in the Space Between. I have recently completed my 12th play, Will, about the last days of Shakespeare. I perform on stage at the local Heartland Theatre and other venues, and occasionally direct at Heartland.

Before I close I would like to apologize to all those graduate students I took money from in Poker. I’m a little guilty about that, but know that I truly enjoyed your company. In fact, what I most miss in my so-called retirement is the interaction with all of you students. I loved every minute of it.

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