Risk Management Magazine, published by the Risk and Insurance Management Society (RIMS), has recognized Illinois State University as one of the top schools for graduates in insurance and risk management. The top five schools, in order, for the 2010–2011 period include: University of Georgia, Temple University, Illinois State University, University of Wisconsin, and Florida State University.

Gary Koppenhaver, chair of the  Department of Finance, Insurance and Law notes that the number of students selecting an insurance major or minor has grown significantly in the last two years. “There are three reasons for the growth. First, the financial stability of the insurance industry attracts career-minded students. Second, the insurance faculty members in the department have embraced the importance of effective, relevant  instruction. And third, the department has emphasized double majors in insurance and finance. A double major is a powerful blend of technological and institutional knowledge that makes a graduate an early contributor to  financial services firms,” according to Koppenhaver.

The Katie School of Insurance and Financial Services, housed within the College of Business, works directly with the Department of Finance, Insurance and Law to prepare students for careers in the risk management and insurance professions. Insurance industry outreach through the Katie School is guided by an advisory board of insurance industry executives and provides numerous annual scholarships and grants to attract future industry leaders. A wide array of internships and a mentorship program provide students with the real world experience they need to be successful professionals after graduation.

“With the support and guidance of the Insurance Advisory Board of Executives the Katie School is able to attract the top students through scholarships, develop them through involvement in industry-related activities and help them find rewarding careers in the industry,” said Katie School director Jim Jones. “This support combined with the excellent classroom education provided by top ranked faculty in the Department of Finance, Insurance and Law reinforces the recognition that we are a top program. We are thrilled to be recognized as one of the largest insurance programs by Risk Management Magazine.”

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    I am one of the editor’s for an insurance blog (located here) and am very interested in interviewing a member of your staff for a discussion on insurance programs and risk. The column would be posted in the mentioned blog and if you are interested, please email me and I would be very happy to go forward with this! – Thanks, Jennifer