Risk Management magazine has recognized Illinois State University’s Katie School of Insurance and Financial Services as the top school in the nation for the number of graduates in insurance and risk management programs.

The Katie School graduated 142 insurance and risk management students in the 2010-2011 academic year. Risk Management magazine rankings show Illinois State edging out the University of Georgia (140) and Temple University (130) in the number of graduates. Other schools in the top ten listing include the University of Wisconsin – Madison (97) and Florida State University (68).

The Katie School, housed within the College of Business, prepares students for careers in the risk management and insurance professions. The school is guided by an advisory board comprised of insurance industry executives and provides numerous annual scholarships and grants to attract future industry leaders. A wide array of internships and a mentorship program provide students with the real world experience they need to be successful professionals after graduation. The Katie School also provides educational outreach to the local community and to the insurance industry.

“With the support and guidance of the Insurance Advisory Board of Executives the Katie School is able to attract the top students through scholarships, develop them through involvement in industry-related activities and help them find rewarding careers in the industry,” said Katie School Director Jim Jones. “This support combined with the excellent classroom education provided by top ranked faculty gives us reason to claim that the quality of our Risk Management and Insurance program and our students deserve a number one ranking. We are thrilled that this year we also have the top program in student numbers.”

More information on the top 10 schools in Risk Management’s rankings is available at http://www.rmmag.com/MGTemplate.cfm?Section=RMMagazine&NavMenuID=128&template=/Magazine/DisplayMagazines.cfm&MGPreview=1&Volume=58&IssueID=358&AID=4385&ShowArticle=1