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Veterans honored on campus with memorial garden

The campus community paused to honor those who have served in the military during an annual Veterans Day ceremony on November 11. One highlight of the day was the dedication of the University’s Veterans Memorial Garden.

Located at the southern end of the Quad, the garden includes a memorial seating area, emblems for each branch of the military, and a plaque that reads: This garden is dedicated to the Illinois State University faculty, staff, students, and alumni veterans who served with honor in the five branches of the United States Military.

The garden’s design and conceptual drawings were completed by Assistant Director of Grounds Darcy Loy and Campus Tree Surgeon Heather Wilcox.

“Our veterans have given so much to protect and preserve the freedoms that we enjoy each and every day. This garden is a way for us to recognize and pay tribute to their courage, commitment, and dedication,” Loy said.

“Special attention was given to every detail in the design of the garden, even the name and type of roses selected,” she said. “The names of the roses include Remember Me, Freedomland, Memorial Day, and Honor.”

Illinois State’s Master Plan Team dedicated the award proceeds for creation of the garden. Additional funds were provided from the Fell Arboretum. The ceremony was sponsored by Veterans Services, Illinois State University Army ROTC, and the Office of the University Registrar.


Good for you . . . as an alum whose son is serving in Afghanistan it's even better knowing you're acknowledging veterans in such a formal manner. The Quad is sacred ground, which makes it even better.

I am a 1965 graduate of ISU and this new memorial makes me incredibly proud of my beloved alma mater. My great nephews did not attend ISU but they are serving in the Army in Iraq and the Marines in Afghanistan. It is heartwarming to know that ISU keeps ALL of those serving in our hearts and minds, regardless of where these young people went to school. Thank you for your efforts to honor those who serve this beloved country of ours. ISU is a class act!

I am a 1987 alum (MS) and a proud Navy veteran. Thank you to all those who were involved with this project. It's good to see we still have a few patriotic Americans and more so on college campuses-way to go Redbird community.

God Bless America! Go 'Birds!