Rader Family Farms received a Redbird Pride Award for a corn maze carved in the shape of the Redbird head to celebrate the 100th anniversary of the Agriculture Department.

The maze took two days to create and served as a major attraction for Rader Family Farms, which draws more than 33,000 visitors in the fall season. In addition the maze contained 10 stations where participants could learn facts about Illinois State University and agriculture.

“Working with ISU was a great experience,” said Linda Rader. “The department was very encouraging. A lot of promises were made—that Reggie would come out, that the department would work with us, and those promises were kept. It was a very positive experience.”

From left: Shannon Rader, Natalie Rader, Adam Rader ’99, Whitney Rader, Brian Beam, Abram Rader, Linda Rader, Arin Rader ’04, Lynn Rader, Rob Rhykerd, Mike O’Grady, Marty Vanags, Denise Grazar, Jamie Sennett, Janae Stork, Erin Watts

“What Rader Family Farms has done in promoting the Agriculture Department and the University is greatly appreciated,” said Mike O’Grady, chair of the Redbird Pride Committee. “This award is just a small way we can say thank you.”

The Redbird Pride Awards recognize extraordinary support for Illinois State University by individuals or local businesses. Awardees are selected by the Redbird Pride Committee, a group of individuals from businesses and organizations and community leaders. Learn more at RedbirdPride.org.