Position Title: IT Internship
Company: Northern Trust
Internship /Temporary/Permanent: Internship


Department: Operations & Technology (O&T) USA TAC Fees
The team develops software solutions that support the Fees Operations Business Unit as well as the PFS, C&IS, Global Fund Services and Northern Trust Global Investment Business units with regard to products and fees

Proposed Tasks: Java and/or .NET Fees Docket Work. Designing, Developing and Testing changes to our Existing Fees Online systems under the supervision of our Java and .Net Architect.

Learning Objectives: The most important learning objective is consensus building and a small amount of leadership. In a small group process such as System Development, it is important that methods are agreed upon, that standards are followed and that the individual is able to express their point of view. It is also important to yield to the greater good when there is compelling evidence that one’s ideas may cause harm to the bigger picture. The individual will be paired up with a senior team member and given tasks where they can demonstrate their competence in Java and their interpersonal and leadership skills. They will be working with members of our business unit and will need to guide their aspect of the project through many requirement sessions as well as sign-off. This proves to be a great assignment for any intern as well as any full-time partner.

Specific Skills: Java and/or C#, UNIX (basic), Systems Development & Design, MS Word, Excel, Powerpoint. Mainframe skills are a plus.
Training to be provided: PVCS or TFS (Team Foundation Server in the .Net environment), SDLC, Fee + Basics, External Manager Billing Overview, Development Standards, Testing Methods

Northern Trust Internship Program
Successful completion of this challenging and rewarding internship will give you an edge in the job market over other recent graduates. The knowledge and experience gained by working in a professional environment and completing actual business assignments will increase your comfort and confidence levels in the workplace and increase your marketability with potential employers.

As an intern, your activities may include:

  • Training classes focusing on presentation skills, business development
  • Meetings with senior management
  • Social activities
  • Professional and social activities specific to the business units — for example, participating in client calls and workshops
  • Presentations by various department leaders
  • Meetings with a Northern Trust Advisor – each intern will be matched with an advisor that can provide guidance and an understanding of The Northern Trust culture
  • Intern evaluation of the internship experience at Northern Trust.
  • Individual performance appraisal
  • Networking opportunities

Interested students send cover letter and resume to js191@ntrs.com