• Keynote Address: Diane Irvine ’81
    Wednesday, March 28
    3:30 – 4:30 p.m.
    Braden Auditorium, Bone Student Center

Business Week offers engaging, authentic pre-professional opportunities that enable students to interact closely with alumni, employers and industry thought leaders as they develop essential soft skills and understandings required for success.

Leadership, corporate social responsibility, business etiquette, effective networking, goal setting, communication and career management are among the topics addressed through the week long series of interactive events.

March 26 through March 31 – through a week-long series of events:  corporate and industry leaders will interact with students, share specialized expertise and explore important issues and cutting-edge developments.  Business Week allows speakers to address broader topics such as educational preparation, leadership, service, etiquette, networking, goal setting, and career advancement.

In addition, Business Week events equip students to:

  • Interact confidently in a variety of business settings
  • Make introductions, listen effectively and contribute to professional conversations
  • Look comfortable in business attire appropriate for a particular company’s culture
  • Enjoy a smooth transition from college to the professional world

Business Week also provides an extensive array of leadership opportunities for the dedicated team of students who plan, promote and implement the events.