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Carnival event planned for Sibling Weekend

Members of the Student Alumni Council will be sponsoring a special carnival beginning at noon prior to Gamma Phi’s 1 p.m. Saturday matinee show on April 21. This Sibling Weekend event is open to everyone with a ticket to the matinee show. The carnival will include games, inflatables, and prizes for all ages.

For more information on the Student Alumni Council Sibling Weekend Carnival, visit


We are bringing our grandchildren to introduce them to the campus. We have tickets for the circus @ 1:00PM, and will check out the carnival.Looking forward to a fun day!

I just invited my brother ('92), his wife and their 4-year-old daughter to the 4/21 Carnival/ Gamma Phi matinee. My husband, parents, and my son, a current ISU student (hopefully 2013) wanted to join us for this awesome event, as well! As an '85 Illinois State alumni myself, I look forward to sharing this day with my family.