A $330,000 McCormick Foundation grant will empower Illinois State to help principals align early childhood education with elementary and secondary education. The University’s Leadership to Integrate the Learning Continuum (LINC) program will address principals’ lack of early education knowledge.

According to a study commissioned by The Wallace Foundation, principals account for 25 percent of a school’s total impact on learning. Legislation passed in 2010 made Illinois the first in the nation to certify principals from the span of Pre-K to grade 12.

By 2014 all principal preparation programs must incorporate new content and field experiences that integrate early childhood education and other content areas, such as special education and English language learners.

Illinois State’s LINC program, which is part of the Center for the Study of Education Policy, will provide technical assistance to other key higher education institutions to ensure quality as their programs are redesigned to conform to the new legislation. Learn more about Linc at LeadershipLinc.IllinoisState.edu.