Mail to the Illinois State magazine editor for May 2012:


I clipped an article about Al Medina Jr. (Pause for Applause, May 2009). He had run the

Athens Classic Marathon and noted that he planned to enter again in 2010 for the 2,500th anniversary.

My husband is a marathon runner. I am a spectator. The year 2010 was our 25th wedding anniversary, and we had not yet found any special way to celebrate our marriage. This article planted the seed. I told Will if we went to Greece and he ran that special marathon, I would prepare to run one of the shorter races offered. When I saw there was a walkers’ entry, I decided I would prefer walking the whole marathon route. We both completed the October 31, 2010, race with good times, and it was a beautiful way to enjoy Greece! Al’s right about the awesomeness of running to the finish in that white marble stadium.

Thank you, Al, for a very special time. And thank you, ISU. Your magazine helps us remain a community in spite of our geography.

Sue (Burkart) Hofacker ’79


I am a 1987 alum and a proud Navy veteran. Thank you to all those who were involved with this project. It’s good to see we still have a few patriotic Americans and more so on college campuses. Way to go Redbird community. God Bless America! Go ’Birds!

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Bruce Anderson, M.S. ’87

Veterans Memorial Garden dedicated,


Good for you. As an alum whose son is serving in Afghanistan, it’s even better knowing you’re acknowledging veterans in such a formal manner. The Quad is sacred ground, which makes it even better.

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Brett Arseneault ’78