Jason Huls ’02 has been earning recognition for his short film, The Drone. It was featured in the 2011 Cannes Film Festival Short Film Corner, which showcases new talent for cinema enthusiasts and a Cannes jury.

“Being in the festival has opened doors,” Huls said. “I have been contacted by different film groups, including one that wanted to show films from the festival.”

The Drone, written and directed by Huls, takes place in a futuristic dystopia where mankind is reliant on humanoid drones. When one drone begins dreaming and exhibits other nonprogrammed behaviors, scientists and enforcement officials race to reach the drone before the aberration becomes public. However, The Drone is anything but a rehash of stories such as iRobot and Blade Runner, as Huls offers his own unique twist on the tale.

“I drew influences from Blade Runner and other sci-fi films, but wanted to take a different approach to that concept. I like creating worlds, so I started thinking about the roles people play in life and what would happen if they were stripped of these roles and had a single purpose.”

Huls received bachelor’s degrees from Illinois State in English and anthropology, which he credits for giving him a strong basis in writing as well as critical thinking skills. He is also a film studies minor.

Huls is completing his M.F.A. in digital cinema at DePaul University. His latest project is a dark sci-fi film, Citizen in the Temple, which is set in the same world as The Drone and will serve as his master’s thesis. After completing his M.F.A, Huls hopes to continue making films and possibly expand on the world he has created in The Drone and Citizen in the Temple.

“I’ve always been interested in the sci-fi genre, so the idea to explore the genre more in a feature setting would be exciting for me,” Huls said.

Huls is president of Ten Wing Films, a company producing narrative and documentary films. Learn more about Huls and his work at JasonHuls.com.

The Drone trailer

Citizen in the Temple trailer

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