NBCT Publishes Novel for Spanish Classrooms

Carrie Toth recently published her first book, La hija del Sastre. A fictional story that takes place in the 1930’s, La hija del Sastre is based on the historical timeline of the Spanish Civil War when Francisco Franco’s fascist regime took control of Spain. The book is written strategically and comprehensibly at a third-year level to help students easily pick-up advanced grammatical structures while reading the compelling and suspenseful story. Toth has been a National Board Certified Teacher since 2006 and has been teaching high school Spanish since 1993. She holds a masters degree in Spanish Education and has done extensive study on the cultures of Spanish-speaking countries. In NBCT Publishes Novel for Spanish Classrooms addition to being the principal author of La hija del Sastre, Toth has written numerous cultural units based on Understanding by Design (UBD). She uses her knowledge of culture and history to create stories that are both inspiring and educational. “I feel that the National Board process was the single most important piece of professional development that I have ever done. Through the studying I did for the assessment centers, I discovered TPR Storytelling, which changed my entire classroom environment. Through TPRS I have become a local, state and national presenter, and have had the opportunity to co-author this book. In my opinion, stipend or no stipend, the National Board process is more worthwhile and valuable than anything else teachers can do.”

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