The Normal Fire Department received a Redbird Pride Award in recognition of their long-standing partnership with Illinois State University.

Caption: Normal Firefighters with Redbird Pride Committee

The Normal Fire Department has showed their support of Illinois State University through flying the Redbird flag on game days, placing Redbird decals on fire trucks, and proudly sporting shirts that read “Protecting Redbird Country,” which are sold by the Alamo II, another Redbird Pride partner. The Normal Fire Department has also gone above and beyond by ensuring that they are the ones to provide medical assistance needed at Redbird games.

“Lt. Steve Schneider was behind a lot of these ideas. He is a big Redbird supporter,” said Mick Humer, Normal Fire Department chief. “I think anything we can do to partner together and showcase our community is worth it. The fans and people in town are great, and we’re very appreciative of that.”

The Redbird Pride Awards recognize extraordinary support for Illinois State University by individuals or local businesses. Awardees are selected by the Redbird Pride Committee, a group of individuals from businesses and organizations and community leaders. Learn more at