Mail to the Illinois State magazine editor for May 2012:


Great timing and great issue (February 2012). As we’ve recently begun the official college tour circuit with our daughter, who is in pursuit of a high-quality nursing program, it was great to read the update on ISU’s Mennonite College of Nursing. The new lab is a great addition to the academic program, and will surely give ISU another feather in its academic cap. Looking so forward to the upcoming campus visit!

Also took note of the advancements in electronic security/cybersurveillance, as two stories hit on topics and areas that are of interest to my now 15-year-old son—whose job shadowing project found him at the Chicago FBI office.

As President Bowman addressed in his column, it seems clear that ISU is succeeding in its mission to craft programs that will answer the demands of a dynamic workforce. Even more reasons to seriously consider having our children look at ISU for the great academic programs and opportunities it continues to provide, as it did for me 30 years ago!

Christine (Stampar) Book ’86


I always enjoy the Illinois State magazine. The February 2012 issue had a pleasant surprise.

On page 34 (How We Met) is a picture of Wesley and Pauline Drew.

Neither Wesley nor myself knew we had a mutual connection to Illinois State. Wes and I were fellow Officer Candidates in the U.S. Air Force in San Antonio, Texas, in 1952. Our wives had become friends there also. He had already graduated from ISU. At that time I had not yet attended Illinois State.

I came to ISU in 1964 when I studied for my doctorate, graduating in 1968. In the earlier 1960s, I lived in Springfield. Wes sometimes traveled through the city on business. Since then we had lost contact.

My wife, Martha, and I pass on our best regards to the Drews.

Richard J. Anderson, Ed.D. ’68