Yorkville CUSD 115 and Education Association Make Changes to Improve Teacher Effectiveness

By: Martha Venetucci
Yorkville Education Association President and 4th Grade Teacher
“The times, they are a’changin”.
People outside school walls- “reformers”, legislators and the like, impose many changes that directly impact teachers. It’s left to those of us responsible for educating students to find ways to move forward, despite these changes. This is not always an easy endeavor.
In Yorkville we firmly believe it takes “both sides”, union and district, to navigate through the changes, embrace the challenges and opportunities, all while continuing to provide the best possible education for our students. Yorkville Education Association and Yorkville CUSD 115 District Board and Administration have been committed to working together in these times of change. These trials and tribulations that we are put through cannot be overcome with dignity unless we put forth the effort and understanding for counter perspectives.
In his second year at Yorkville, our district’s superintendent, Dr. Scott Wakeley, continues to be very supportive of our teachers as the professionals they are. While our community continues to change and grow, the population of students is changing and growing with it. Working to find ways to advocate for our members, our association is continuously pursuing opportunities to improve teaching and learning in our district.

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