A deeper look at model Pierre Woods ’04:

How he got the name Pierre
When his mother was in labor, she saw a commercial for French fashion designer Pierre Cardin and liked the name.

What he did as a child that drove his mother crazy
If he was told not to do something, he did it. He impaled himself on barbed wire; ran through glass; fell out of a tree; and swung from a kitchen cabinet, which caused him to crash into a cast iron skillet.

How much time he has to convince a client he has the look
One minute or less

How he deals with rejection
He thinks back to his athletic career and his coach’s advice: You’re not going to have your best race every time, but if you learn from your mistakes, that’ll put you in a better position next time.

How he met his spouse, Becky
At an elevator in New York City, when a friend suggested they approach her and her friend.

What he does to keep in shape
Cardio and weights, but because of his commuting time, he does simple things like taking the stairs and doing calf raises on the subway. He also eats healthy and drinks lots of water.

Two strange things that have helped him
He doesn’t sweat, even on a Miami rooftop in the summer, and he can take a lot of bright light in his eyes without tearing up.

Why he doesn’t tie his own tie in the ads
He can’t tie it as perfectly as the stylist, who also ties his shoelaces in a perfect bow.

What he might have to get removed
A small tattoo on his right shoulder. It’s cost him some jobs.

What a top model can earn
The range could go from trade to tens of thousands and beyond for a single day of shooting. Trade is when the model trades his work as a charitable contribution or for clothing. Woods has done trade a few times for causes such as Haiti relief and breast cancer awareness.

What he’d love to have
His own fragrance and clothing line

What’s next
Acting lessons

How he spends his free time
What free time? On January 2, he became the father of twins, Ethan Richard and Logan William.

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