After weeks of contemplation, Ashlyn Gathman and her three future roommates decided. They were heading to Cardinal Court for their sophomore year. Gathman took on the responsibility of calling in their reservation when sign-up began at 8:30 in the morning on February 6.

She had the task completed by 8:33 a.m., making her the first student assigned to the first on-campus apartments in the history of the University. Her roommates are biology major Bridget Strejc; middle level teacher education major Kari Pitstick; and Nicki Ott, who is studying psychology.

“I had all the information laid out and wanted to be sure we could get it,” said Gathman, who is an early childhood education major. “We have a four bedroom with two baths.”

Gathman lived in Hamilton as a freshman. Ready for a change from the residence hall experience, she was excited to have the apartment option.

“We like that we can have our own bedrooms. We can be together as roommates but when we want our alone time to study or relax, we can go and shut our door.”

Initially a bit concerned about the distance from campus, Gathman plans to ride the bus and use her bike. “I’ll just have to give myself a little more time in the mornings.”

The amenities easily offset that sacrifice. Each apartment is furnished with a couch and chair in the living room; and beds, nightstands, and dressers in each bedroom. Carpeting is throughout except for the kitchen and bathrooms, which have a vinyl plank that looks like wood.

There are common laundry rooms that are convenient for those students who don’t have a washer and dryer in their apartment. Each building is secure, with entrances locked 24 hours a day.

Just the thought of a full kitchen with a laminate counter, stove, refrigerator, and microwave was appealing to Gathman, especially with take-and-make options available at a café located in the complex’s community center.

The center also has a multi-purpose room, a work-out area, a quiet area with couches, game tables, and a small theatre with four levels of seating. An outside seating area faces a courtyard in the middle of the buildings. There is also an outside volleyball court and basketball court, as well as a grassy area.

To be among the first on campus to enjoy all of that has left Gathman with an enthusiasm that she conveys with a smile and simple exclamation repeated often by Cardinal Court residents: “It’s awesome!”