Written by Barbara Schlatter

A lot has happened in the new Student Fitness Center and McCormick Hall over the past 18 months. In addition to being the most popular stop on campus tours, we believe that the healthy enrollments in the school’s academic programs are certainly related to our state-of-the art fitness and educational facility. Reflecting back over the last 18 months, however, what stands out as the most notable accomplishment has been the development of an excellent partnership between the School of Kinesiology and Recreation and Campus Recreation, resulting in new opportunities for students and faculty alike.

One such opportunity is the creation of the Sports Medicine and Rehabilitation Therapy (SMART) Clinic, which will open this fall. The purpose of the SMART Clinic is to provide advanced care for Illinois State students in the areas of prevention, evaluation, and rehabilitation of various athletic related orthopedic injuries including, but not limited to, sprains, muscle strains, tendonitis, fractures, etc. Located in the Athletic Training Laboratory and administered by the athletic training (AT) program faculty, patients will benefit from clinicians, graduate, and undergraduate AT students, as well as researchers using evidence-based medicine practices for the most up-to-date care possible. Students in need of the services provided by the SMART Clinic will be referred by the Illinois State University Student Health Center, as well as local area physicians and rehabilitation clinics. The clinic will use a pay per visit fee system, where the student has the option to either use a major credit card or cash for each visit paying a small fee. The addition of the SMART Clinic and the services offered will enhance the well-being of Illinois State students and will be a strong addition to the outstanding services already provided by Student Health Services.

Another exciting development slated to begin this fall is the personal training and physical assessment program, which is a collaborative partnership between Campus Recreation and the KNR Exercise Physiology Laboratory. The purpose of this partnership program is to provide physical assessments, instruction, and training to students, faculty, and staff members so they can meet their own personal fitness, health, and wellness goals. The program will be run by the faculty and staff from both Campus Recreation and KNR, but also will rely heavily on students in academic training that will provide the personal training. These student personal trainers will learn how to create individualized fitness programs, efficient workout programs, and provide instruction on correct form and technique for cardiovascular exercise, strength training, flexibility, and other client desired fitness goals.

We are also pleased to announce the opening of the Heritage Room, located in the faculty staff lounge in McCormick. HPER and KNR alumni may remember the Emeriti Room in the “old” McCormick, where photos of retired faculty members were on display in the conference room formerly located across from the aerobic dance studio. The Heritage Room will be in the current faculty staff lounge area and will feature photographs of emeriti faculty, KNR artifacts, and new furniture.

McCormick Hall was abuzz with activity on Saturday morning, May 12, in the hours leading up to Illinois State’s 153rd Spring Commencement. The school held its first commencement reception for KNR students earning master’s and bachelor’s degrees. KNR faculty, advisors, and staff were on hand to receive the graduates and their loved ones. There were photo opportunities, places to relax and visit over light refreshments, and the chance to show guests the new KNR instructional gymnasium, laboratories, and classrooms where students spent their time working on their degrees.

In conclusion, we have accomplished a lot in the past academic year in the new Student Fitness Center and McCormick Hall. Many of these opportunities and building enhancements would not have been possible without the support of Dawn Sanner, M.S. ’87, executive director of Campus Recreation and her excellent staff. KNR looks forward to continued partnerships and successes with Campus Recreation and other campus entities!