After working in the residence halls at ISU in the 1960s, I went to Florida State University for my doctorate. I returned to Illinois State University in 1974 to teach in the Department of Educational Administration and Foundations (EAF).

In 1995, I took early retirement so I could go to Malaysia on a World Bank Project at the Malaysian Institute of Technology. While in Malaysia, I traveled extensively in the Middle East, the Far East, Europe, and Australia. After 15 months in Malaysia, I taught at the University of North Dakota for two years.

With my last job in North Dakota, I was advised it would take eight months to sell my home. It sold in two weeks—thus “homeless” and no plans, I traveled around the United States for six months. It was a great experience. I bought a home in San Antonio, Texas, and stayed there for six years. I moved to Washington State in 2010 because both of my children are on the West coast.

Since returning from Malaysia, I have become a real bike nut and ride extensively. My current home is a half a block from a bike trail. Theoretically, I can go to Canada on my bike. I have yet to do so. I continue to travel, brew beer, raise Koi, and explore the Northwest and British Columbia.

I can be reached at 8512 Summerwood Drive SE, Olympia, Washington 98513. My email address is JoAnn (Switzer) McCarthy ’69, M.A. ’70, can also be reached at this mailing address or at