When students move off-campus, it doesn’t mean that rules no longer apply. It means there are different rules for them to follow.

That’s what staff in the Student and Community Outreach Unit of the Dean of Students Office wants students to know.

“Some students think that once they are out of the residence halls they can do whatever they want. We want to remind students that there are still community standards and laws they must abide by,” said Harriett Steinbach, coordinator of Student and Community Outreach.

Common off-campus problems include noise, littering and trash in the yards, selling alcohol and serving minors, moving indoor furniture outdoors, and public urination. There are laws that address these issues in the Town of Normal and violations result in large fines, even for first-time offenses. Student and Community Outreach reminds students that incidents which happen off-campus can also be handled as disciplinary matters on campus. It is important to remember that sometimes students’ actions and their consequences may be the cause of future concerns such as failed job searches and inability to achieve appropriate licensing for certain careers.

Students are encouraged to introduce themselves to their neighbors and say “hi” when they see them. If you decide to have a party, notify neighbors in advance. During the party, monitor noise levels, litter, parking, and other possible violations and make sure intoxicated guests are not driving. Be sure to clean up any cups or bottles from your yard or the neighbor’s yard after the party ends.

For more helpful tips on living off-campus or to find the answers to questions about any off-campus matters, contact Student and Community Outreach at (309) 438-5951 or visit DeanOfStudents.IllinoisState.edu.