Dave Weber

Dave Weber, M.S. ’75

Dave Weber, M.S. ’75, spent more than 40 years ensuring the safety of others.

From managing environment health and safety departments for five international corporations to teaching at a college and working as an OSHA safety inspector, Weber is dedicated to safety issues. He shares his knowledge through a website he created, Safety Awakenings. The free site shares life-saving safety resources. One of the fastest growing occupational safety and health websites, Weber’s site receives more than 20,000 visitors a month.

It was recognized earlier this year by the American Society of Safety Engineers.


3 thoughts on “Alum’s workplace safety website honored

  1. I ever visit the website & always found informative and useful tips about health and safety.

  2. Congratulations to Mr. Weber. Unfortunately many businesses do not provide proper safety training material for their employees. Weber’s website is an invaluable resource for anyone who works or manages employees in high risk industries.