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Gamma Iota Sigma: Featured RSO

A question-and-answer session with Gamma Iota Sigma President Brett Glaser:

Gamma Iota Sigma (GIS) is part of a nationally recognized fraternity. GIS is important in enhancing the professional development of students interested in a career in the insurance industry.

GIS hosts several events each semester, including social gatherings and business meetings. Speakers from the industry usually are featured at business meetings to provide real-world insight about current issues in risk management and insurance. These meetings and social events also provide students with opportunities to interact with business professionals and departmental faculty on a less formal basis than possible within a classroom setting.

Q: What is the focus of Gamma Iota Sigma?

A: Our RSO, Gamma Iota Sigma, focuses on bringing students interested in the study of insurance, risk management, and actuarial science closer to members of those industries. We bring in professional speakers, send our students to conferences within the industry, and allow our chapter members to meet students from other Gamma Iota Sigma chapters around the country.

Q: What leadership opportunities does Gamma Iota Sigma have?

A: Members in our fraternity have the opportunity to participate in a leadership program offered by the Katie School of Insurance and Financial Services. Also, our Executive Board offers 12 leadership positions for our members.

Q: What other opportunities and benefits are there of being a member of Gamma Iota Sigma?

A: We bring our students closer to the opportunity to interact and network with members of the industry. This allows our students to be able to have a smoother transition into their career, because they understand the industry they will be entering upon graduation.

Q: What kind of community can one expect in Gamma Iota Sigma?

A: One can expect an open community and organization that offers a lot of events, as well as the option to choose what events to attend.

Q: What is/are your favorite part(s) about Gamma Iota Sigma?

A: My favorite parts about the organization are the career development, learning, and networking opportunities that are available by being involved in Gamma Iota Sigma.

Q: When and where does Gamma Iota Sigma meet?

A: We have events in different rooms and locations throughout the College of Business. We have a schedule of our semester events in the Katie School of Insurance. We also have events in various conference locations, such as the Chicagoland area.

New members are accepted at all times throughout the year. For more information on how to get involved in Gamma Iota Sigma, e-mail the president, Brett Glaser, at