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Redbird pride: Graduates find myriad ways to contribute

Homecoming 2012 tailgating

Illinois State students celebrate at Homecoming 2012 tailgating.

With more than 186,000 alumni as of May 2012, the level of involvement by graduates is continually evolving. Over time, the range of activities have included the following:


  • Mentoring students: Everything from more sustained/involved types of mentoring to “professional etiquette” dinners
  • Tutoring
  • Providing internships
  • Student teaching supervision: Hosting student teachers in their classrooms
  • Participating in recruitment fairs: Representing companies, organizations at events where ISU students are recruited
  • Reviewing student resumes: Everything from assisting with interviewing to sharing skills needed to transition from student to professional life
  • Helping students move-in at the start of the semester
  • Volunteering at commencement: Helping with various aspects of the May and December ceremonies
  • Serving on advisory boards for colleges, departments, and other campus programs
  • Writing letters of reference for students
  • Speaking to classes: Sharing life experiences, professional experiences, and general advice
  • Speaking to student organizations
  • Promoting ISU to future/prospective students at open houses, in their schools, and within communities
  • Promoting ISU Athletics teams and scholarships for student-athletes: Everything from contribution to the Weisebecker Scholarship Fund to remaining a season ticket holders
  • Serving on the Alumni Association and Foundation Boards
  • Promoting Homecoming at community and campus events
  • Planning Homecoming and other important alumni/campus activities
  • Supporting ISU students through giving to various scholarship programs
  • Supporting ISU programs and faculty through giving to improve facilities, labs, technology
  • Organizing and leading alumni networks
  • Contacting fellow alumni and encouraging their participation in reunions, giving to ISU, and attendance at alumni/university events
  • Organizing and hosting alumni reunions
  • Advocating for Illinois State on issues of importance with policymakers and other community leaders
  • Connecting fellow Redbirds to new jobs and professional opportunities
  • Wearing ISU gear, placing bumper stickers, displaying their diplomas: All are an effective way to promote ISU within communities
  • Making international connections: Supporting ISU students who are transitioning to international internships a semester abroad, or other global experiences
  • Sharing good news about ISU with fellow friends/alumni
  • Supporting Redbirds in military service
  • Displaying ISU flags and Redbird pride as military personnel abroad
  • Recognizing the achievements of fellow alumni through awards programs

Visit the Alumni Association’s website for more information.