Did you know?

  • Fifty-four percent of Illinois State students rate their health as being excellent or very good.
  • Nearly 60 percent of students have never used tobacco.
  • Fifty percent of students report getting enough sleep to feel rested three or less days a week.
  • Students identified stress as having the most negative impact on their academic performance.

How do we know this information? It came from the National College Health Assessment conducted by the American College Health Association. The National College Health Assessment is a survey that Illinois State University participates in every other year along with other campuses from around the country.

Students who take the survey provide vital information on health behaviors and needs. Students are chosen at random to receive the assessment and will be notified by email beginning February 18. Prizes will be given out to 300 students who take the survey. If you receive the survey, please take a few minutes to fill it out. Answers are anonymous. Accurate information is the key to future planning and programming.

To view data from past National College Health Assessments, visit Wellness.IllinoisState.edu/Health-Data/NCHA.shtml.