Down Home Divas: A Musical Comedy
February 16, 2013
8 p.m., doors open at 7 p.m.
Alumni Center, 1101 N. Main St., Normal, IL 61761
$25 at Ticketmaster or CFA Box Office

Based upon the book by Nancy Steele Brokaw, Down Home Divas: A Musical Comedy is directed by Lori Adams, professor at Illinois State University’s School of Theatre and Dance. Featuring Connie de Veer (Associate Professor at Illinois State’s School of Theatre and Dance) as “Deenie” and Michelle Vought (professor at Illinois State’s School of Music) as “Bee”, the play follows the relationship of two college roommates upon rediscovering each other 33 years later.

Here’s a full synopsis of the play:

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Deenie and Bee were roommates back in their Julliard rather competitive college days as vocal performance majors. They have not seen each other since. After a 33-year absence, Deenie and Bee run into each other in a coffee shop in Terre Haute, Indiana. Their rivalry picks up immediately, seemingly undimmed by the passage of time. But, in fact, the passage of time has wrought changes in them both. Deenie and Bee are stronger in some ways and more vulnerable in others. What has brought them to this out-of-the-way town? Will it be a new beginning for one or both of them? Will they renew their friendship or duel, soprano-style, to the end?

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