Professor Linda Showers, left, and Normal Mayor Chris Koos talk outside Uptown Station.

“A bit more than they asked for, that’s what we like to give a client when we take on a project for a business or not-for-profit in Marketing 332,” said Professor Linda Showers when referring to recommendations made for the Uptown Station naming project.

The work began with a request from Town of Normal Mayor Chris Koos and Town Manager Mark Peterson. They enlisted the marketing class to study the need to rename the proposed multimodal transportation center.

Showers Integrated Marketing Communication class formed five teams and approached the possible renaming as part of an integrated marketing/business strategy. The teams analyzed the potential markets of the center, including students, business, and leisure travelers.

Students conducted focused interviews with each segment, testing copy, graphics, and logos. The client fully embraced the process. Town of Normal staff offered specific feedback in the process that resulted in the Uptown Station naming.

Pleasing the client was the ultimate goal, and it was achieved. “I must say that the work performed by this marketing class was insightful, creative, and very professionally presented. In fact, their efforts far exceeded my expectations,” Peterson said. “The class divided up into groups and each groups presented the Town with naming and marketing suggestions for Uptown Station. Many of those ideas have been implemented.  First of all, the name of the facility.  Uptown Station was a recommendation that came from three or four of the groups.”

“We love the name. It is simple, it is catchy, and it is descriptive. We have also developed a logo for Uptown Station that incorporated specific suggestions from two of the groups. This logo will be used on all marketing and promotional material for Uptown Station.

“The work product provided to us by this ISU marketing class was of first-rate quality and would have cost the Town of Normal many thousands of dollars had we sought this same assistance from a professional marketing firm.”

“I believe we received every bit as good of final work product from these ISU students as we would have received from an expensive advertising or marketing firm.”