Pi Sigma Epsilon┬áis the only national, coed, professional fraternal organization in sales, marketing, and management. Pi Sigma Epsilon’s mission is to develop the sales and marketing skills of its members through lifelong opportunities. Although it focuses on sales, marketing, and management, the organization accepts students from all majors.

Following is a question-and-answer session with the Pi Sigma Epsilon Past President Meghan Dempsey.

Q: What is the focus of Pi Sigma Epsilon (PSE)?

A: Our RSO primarily focuses on its members being shaped into young professionals. Even though we are a marketing and selling fraternity, we encourage all types of majors because we believe that no matter what career path you may take, there comes a point when you must go through a recruitment process that requires you to sell yourself. This is where the skills that you will learn as a member in PSE come into play.

Q: What leadership opportunities does PSE have?

A: There are all different levels of leadership in our group. Once we accept you as a prospective member there is an executive board that oversees the new member project. Once initiated you can become a committee project manager, a vice president who heads our committees and takes care of our operations, or even become the president!

Q: What other opportunities and benefits are there of being a member of PSE?

A: Pi Sigma Epsilon offers networking with Bloomington Normal Chamber of Commerce, opportunities to attend national and regional conventions all across the nation, as well as national career fairs with positions available across the country. PSE also provides professional soft skill development, professional development with regards to resumes, interviews and dress, and last but not least PSE offers a chance for lifelong friendships.

Q: What kind of community can one expect in PSE?

A: In the classroom and during events we are extremely prestigious and well-rounded professionals. Our members really spend a lot of time together outside of chapter which is where the lifelong friendship comes in.

Q: What is your favorite part about PSE?

A: My favorite part is the amazing opportunities that have become available to me as a member. I love the fact that every semester I am able to attend a convention. Our next convention in the spring semester is in San Diego, and I cannot wait to attend!

Q: When and where does PSE meet?

A: We meet in the State Farm Hall of Business on Tuesday nights.

For more information on how to get involved in Pi Sigma Epsilon for the spring semester, email the current PSE President Andrea Whitton at pse.isu.president@gmail.com.