WZND partnered with Athletics, the Association of Residence Halls, and University Housing Services on February 7 to bring students the Redbirds Live Radio Show.

The show was broadcast from the lower level of the Vrooman Center, located between Hewett and Manchester residence halls. From 7-8 p.m., students were invited to show their support for the women and men’s basketball teams.

During the hour-long show, coaches and players were interviewed and food and door prizes were available. There was a best sign contest, a best costume contest, and Reggie Redbird made an appearance as well.

More than 100 students, athletes, and staff members attended in support of the Redbird Live program throughout the night. The residents of floor 17 in Manchester hall brought 30 students, making them the floor with the most people in attendance, and winning them $100 towards a floor program courtesy of Athletics and Meijer.

Illinois State pride came out in full swing by those who attended, with residents supporting the basketball teams with signs that read “My knees go Weaky for Ekey,” “Muller Muller you’re so fine! Will you be my Valentine,” and “Marry me, Jackie.” Students were very excited to meet the basketball team and coaches throughout the night.