When Kevin Harris ’83 arrived on campus, he started applying for jobs.  The community college graduate knew he’d have to pay most of his way through school. He found a job at Milner Library and spent a lot of time working behind the circulation desk.

“That job helped pay for a big chunk of my education expenses,” he said.

Now a senior vice president at Northern Trust in Chicago, he gives back to Milner Library, as well as the College of Business, where he received his bachelor’s degree in accounting. He’s a member of Illinois State’s Heritage Society, which recognizes those who have made confirmed deferred gifts, including bequests, trusts, and life insurance. Kevin also was an original member of the Old Main Society, which recognizes a commitment of $10,000 to the University.

He remains grateful to the professors who guided him along the way, including those who urged him to participate in the accounting internship program at Illinois State, which ultimately led to full-time employment with Arthur Andersen in Chicago.

“That first job provided a foundation for me to move on in the business world and was in large part due to the interest and direction of a couple of my professors,” he said. “The University did a lot for me and got me started in business, contributing to my professional success.”