Congratulations to contestants selected to advance to the final round of the MAD Contest, sponsored by State Farm. Initially, 23 students entered the contest, either as individuals or as members of 2-person teams. Students were challenged to develop their own unique concept of a mobile device application that targets young adult users and promotes good personal habits.

Contestants presented their application proposals to a School of Information Technology faculty judging panel on March 7 & 8. The faculty judging panel, composed of Dr. Amit Shesh, Dr. Billy Lim, Mr. Terry Plickebaum and Mr. Naresh Chintelcheru, has selected the following Mobile Application Development Contest competitors to advance to the final round:


  • Brett Johnson – “Business Fraternity App”
  • Brandon Gipp – “Time Manager Plus”
  • Andrew Erickson – “Tune Up”
  • Tyler Hasz – “Disc Golf Caddy”
  • Chris Magee – “School Box”


  • Daniel Evans/Joshua Bates – “Eat It”
  • Douglas Frieders/Douglas Bailey – “Silencio”
  • Rebecca Duxler/Jason Manley – “Maximize Me”
  • Chase Soderlund/Tom Gilbert – “1055 Buddy”

Finalists will present their working applications to a panel of IT professionals from contest sponsor State Farm on Thursday, April 18 at 6:30 PM in Stevenson Hall Rm-401A. Winners will be chosen by the IT professionals judging panel.