So what’s next?

Going out into the real world for the first time can be scary, but don’t worry—the Illinois State University Alumni Association is here to help you transition to your next step.

Redbird Connections  Don’t forget to create your profile with Redbird Connections, our online alumni community. The Alumni Association wants to make sure you are aware of the services and benefits you are entitled to as an alum. To sign up for Redbird Connections, look at the bottom of this email for your scrambled ID number, then visit the Redbird Connections website!

Email forwarding:  Email forwarding will allow you to forward email to your current address, allowing you to keep the same email address no matter how often you might change providers. Due to the high volume of email accounts the University manages, Illinois State ULIDs and email accounts will be discontinued six months after graduation. New graduates are encouraged to set up their email forwarding address before they leave campus. To sign up for email forwarding, look at the bottom of this email for your scrambled ID number, then go to Email Forwarding.

Insurance: Your Alumni Association sponsors a variety of insurance products.  Students who are insured with Illinois State student insurance may continue coverage for one semester at the student rate. Payment is required prior to the 15th day of the following term. For more information on extending student insurance, contact the Student Insurance Office.

Transcripts: Many employers will ask to see an official transcript before hiring. To order your transcript, visit the Office of the University Registrar.

Friend Finder:  Stay connected with your college buddies through our Find a Friend/Alumni Locator Service! You may also choose to join a Young Alumni Network or stay connected through one of our social networking sites such as Facebook or LinkedIn.

Career Services:  The Center Career provides a number of services to assist recent Illinois State graduates (from date of graduation up to five years) to prepare for and make the transition to careers and graduate or professional school.  Career fairs are available for all alumni free of charge and held throughout the year.  Recent alums can determine how the Career Center may best help meet their individual career and job search needs by selecting the best option from three fee-based alumni packages.  Visit the Career Center for a complete list of services and packages for recent alumni.

Stay involved:  The Alumni Association offers more than 100 events for alumni each year! Check out the calendar of events.

Chicago Illinois State University Office: Illinois State University’s Foundation’s Chicago Office is a homebase in Chicago alumni. To learn more here.