This year Illinois State President Al Bowman, above, announced a Human Resources (HR) project regarding job descriptions that’s now underway.

This project includes the addition of a classification specialist position in HR to assist with this project and ensure compliance with the State Universities Civil Service System Statute and Rules as they relate specifically to our maintaining accurate and up-to-date job descriptions for both civil service and administrative professional positions. HR filled the classification specialist position in mid-January and also has enlisted assistance from outside consultants.

The project will be completed in phases. Initially, the consultants will contact supervisors to discuss the job descriptions of some of their employees. As a service, HR will assume responsibility for drafting and/or revising job descriptions based on information collected by the consultants. Once written, HR will share the drafts with the interviewed supervisors to ensure accuracy and completeness.

Although the process has begun, the effort to finalize job descriptions is not expected to be complete until summer.

To illustrate the process, a flowchart of the steps of the project is shown below:

Job description project flowchart