Patients get more than nursing care from Jennifer Ringsby ’11. She interprets for Spanish-speaking patients and uses her gift of music to relax and soothe those under her care.

When she was a student at Mennonite College of Nursing, Jennifer researched the effect of music on Alzheimer’s patients. By minoring in music as well as Spanish, she added a year to her education, something that wouldn’t have been possible without the gift of a four-year scholarship.

“This scholarship really helped me focus on my nursing goals,” she said. “I didn’t have to get a full-time job to help with my tuition. This gift made such a difference in my life.”

Having the additional music and Spanish qualifications set her apart when she applied for nursing positions. She’s working at Memorial Medical Center in Springfield, but plans on returning to Illinois State someday to earn her master’s and become a nurse practitioner. She also hopes to eventually teach nursing.