Human Resources gave iPeople a slight facelift this spring to help reduce clicks and increase efficiency while using the system.

iPeople originally went live in July 2011 with these core functions:

1. Tracking job and compensation history for employees

2. Tracking time reporting

3. Benefits elections and events

4. Department administrator reports and queries

Training on these core functions is available to departments and groups in classroom settings, at new employee orientation, and through videos and online help guides.

This February, in cooperation with Administrative Technologies, employee Leave Balances history was added to iPeople.

This spring, Human Resources released “Pagelets,” which facilitate onscreen shortcuts for commonly visited links within iPeople. Based on employee roles, these Pagelets appear upon login where the white space used to be, to help employees and supervisors navigate iPeople more quickly. A sample of the Pagelet screen is above.

As we look to the future, additional changes are slated for both Self Service and Time Approval.