New freshmen and new transfer students nominated the following Illinois State faculty, staff and students for a 2013 Impact Award. Students are contacted to nominate an individual at Illinois State who has made a difference in their education and academic success.

image of the Impact Awards logoThis award is designed to show appreciation for the impact individual members of the campus community have on our new students and on student retention.


Please join us in congratulating the following individuals for their significant contributions to our students and to first-year retention.

Academic Advisors:

Rebecca E. Mentzer*, Academic Advisor/Associate Director Honors, Honors Program

Nuusa Taviuni Faamoa* , Academic Advisor, University College

Tuwana T Wingfield, Director of Recruitment/Mentor for ISU Leads, School of Social Work

Rebecca Warren Baker*, Academic Advisor, University College

Martin Barry Greenberg *, Academic Advisor, University College

Corey Michelle Burgess, Academic Advisor, University College

Christina Marie Martin, Academic Advisor/Assistant Director, Honors Program

David T. Pletcher*, Academic Advisor, University College

Lee Anne R. Hale, Academic Advisor, School of Communication



Brooke Happ, Special Education

Nicole Poggensee, Show Choir, Marketing

Allison Sokolowski, Acting/English Education

Raven Nance, MASAI

Marilyn Moen, Students Today Leaders Forever

Katie Karas, SWAT

Heather Shrum, Criminal Justice

Blaise Harwell, Student-Hewett Hall

Khandyce Pitner*, Psychology

Natalie Richardson*, MASAI

Shacoby Henderson, MASAI

Carol Hepner, Early Childhood Education

Fabiola Rosiles, Communication

Cinnamon Porter, Psychology

Craig Malik, Students Today Leaders Forever

Garret Ess, Alpha Gamma Rho

Heather Holz, Accounting

Michy Maloof, Students Today Leaders Forever

Eileen Brett, School of Music

Emily Rose Blankenberger*, Resident Assistant, University Housing-Manchester

Bianca Rose Gerardi, Resident Assistant, University Housing-Tri-Towers

Robert Michael Alberts, Resident Assistant, University Housing-Wilkins



Dave Marcial, Admissions Counselor, Admissions

Angela S Davenport, Coordinator, Dean of Students

Christine Marie Knuth, Assistant to Dean, College of Business

Phillip Raymond Hoffmann, Assistant Swim Coach, Intercollegiate Athletics

James John Terfruchte, M.D., Staff Physician, Health Services

Jessica Marie Flood, Staff, Intercollegiate Athletics

Elvis A Forde, Staff, Intercollegiate Athletics

Camille Suzanne Springer, Staff Counselor, Student Counseling Services

Christa D. Platt*, Coordinator of Academic Services, University College

Charles V. T. Boudreaux, Ph.D., Staff Psychologist, Student Counseling Services

Jessica Lee Pratapas, Graduate Student, University College

Elizabeth Ramirez, Graduate Student, University College



Roger Paul Day*, Instructional Assistant Professor, Mathematics

Brian Joseph Newmister, Associate Director of MBA Program, Management and Quantitative Methods

Derek James Story, Associate Director, Human Resources

Jeffrey H Kahn, Ph.D., Professor , Psychology

Bill Anderson, Associate Professor, Family and Consumer Sciences

Connie H De Veer, Associate Professor, School of Theatre and Dance

Doan Winkel, Ph.D., Assistant Professor-Entrepreneurship, Management and Quantitative Methods

Dillion White, Lecturer, School of Communication

Carol Ann Lind*, Instructional Assistant Professor, English

Charlene Sue Aaron, Assistant Professor, Mennonite College of Nursing

Shannon O’Neill, Instructional Assistant Professor, School of Theatre and Dance

Douglas P Twitchell, Ph.D., Associate Professor, School of Information Technology

Gregory Ferrence, Ph.D. , Professor, Chemistry

Maureen Ann Roach, Assistant Director, Career Center

Kevin Rich, Assistant Professor, School of Theatre and Dance

Carlyn Gay Morenus, Professor, School of Music

William E Shields, Professor, Geography-Geology

Shalamar D Armstrong, Ph.D., Assistant Professor, Agriculture

Sarah Fitzgibbons, Instructional Assistant Professor, Accounting

Maria Helena Schmeeckle, Ph.D., Associate Professor, Sociology and Anthropology

Alauna Shante Akins, Lecturer, School of Communication

Linda S. Bowman*, Director of Speech and Hearing Clinic, Communication Sciences and Disorders

Rena Angela Shifflet, Assistant Professor, School of Teaching and Learning

Janet W Krejci, Dean of Mennonite College of Nursing, Mennonite College of Nursing

Annie Elizabeth Kincade , Lecturer, School of Communication

Cynthia Pulley, Instructional Assistant Professor, Mathematics

James R Almeda, Coordinator, Health Promotion and Wellness

Thomas Edward McClure, J.D., Assistant Professor, Politics and Government

Vanessa T Stalling, Graduate Assistant Teaching, School of Theatre and Dance

Carl Wenning, Instructional Assistant Professor, Physics


*Received more than one nomination

For more information on the Impact Awards, go to the University College website.