News and notes from the Division of Finance and Planning’s Budget Office:

Personnel encumbrances

A very meaningful success pertinent to the Budget Wizard is completion of the personnel encumbrance program within iPeople.

Over the past year, the Budget Office staff has worked diligently to define data patterns and help identify possibly avenues for improvement. It is with a great amount of gratitude to Rick Hamblin, and the department of Administrative Technologies, that we announce the completion of the personnel encumbrance program.

All faculty and staff job encumbrances should be accurately represented in their respective accounts in the Budget Wizard. If you discover an issue that makes you think otherwise, please call or email and let us know.

Please keep in mind that, as of today, the funds for which you are able to see personnel detail are general revenue and agency. Others will follow in time.

Build Your Budget

Area administrators and department directors have received information regarding Build Your Budget, the exercise of establishing personnel and operating budgets for fiscal year 2014.

Training for new users will be offered May 15 and May 20. Those who participated last year are also welcome to attend. Shortly after the training is complete, we will open the exercise up in the live environment. Area administrators and department directors will be notified of opening and closing dates once they are finalized.