The School of Social Work is proud of Cynthia Edmonds-Cady’s recent accomplishment of achieving tenure and promotion.

Edmonds-Cady joined the faculty of the School of Social Work in 2007. Edmonds-Cady has been an outstanding teacher, implemented a comprehensive research agenda, and provided valuable service to the school, the University and the profession.

Edmonds-Cady is an outstanding teacher and was recognized in 2011 with the University Teaching Initiative award. She has a coherent and thoughtful teaching philosophy that guides her course development and delivery. She connects with her students and inspires their learning.

Her research focuses on women and poverty and the question of their community/societal involvement in social change efforts. She uses the framework of intersectionality to explore how social locations of race, class, gender, and sexuality affect women’s social change work in their communities. She draws on complimentary areas of research to produce a synthesis of both historical and empirical research methods. Her work with historical research is used to inform her research questions for current empirical projects. Edmonds-Cady’s scholarship demonstrates her mastery of theory and methodology.

In addition to being an excellent teacher and researcher, Edmonds-Cady is eager and generous with service to the School of Social Work, the University, the community, and the profession.

The school has been proud of Edmonds-Cady’s achievements and looks forward to a long career of future accomplishments.