Yvette Fish ’89, M.S. ’00, was a junior transfer student driving down North Street with a friend who pulled over and called to Rich Evans ’90, M.S. ’98. Rich got in the car with Yvette and the rest, as they say, is history.

The two dated throughout the rest of their undergrad programs. Both studied in the area of recreation—Yvette specializing in therapeutic recreation and Rich in commercial recreation. They were inseparable, having spent an extended spring break working on a cruise ship together.

They married in 1989 following graduation and dedicated the summer of their wedding to working at the Easter Seals Camp during its early days. Yvette was an assistant camp director and Rich worked in maintenance. The two of them were a part of the process that helped Easter Seals Camp become accessible for the children with physical challenges.

After spending some time outside of the University, the two decided they had more learning to do at Illinois State and returned to work on graduate degrees. Yvette’s work was in speech pathology, while Rich studied industrial technology. “We sold our home, moved our two small children, and engaged in ISU’s married student housing life,” Yvette said.

Rich has been a computer analyst at State Farm Insurance Companies for eight years. Yvette continues her ISU education, working toward a doctorate in special education. She is an instructional assistant professor in the Special Education Department, and has worked at the Laboratory Schools for five years. A licensed speech and language pathologist, she runs a private practice called Inspiration in Speech and Learning.

Their son is a recent graduate of University High School. Their daughter, a U-High alum as well, is a student at American University and has studied in Nairobi. “It’s like we just can’t leave,” Yvette joked. “With Rich and I both having our bachelor’s and master’s here, and our children having attended University High, it just seems like home.”