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School of Social Work advisor Tuwana Wingfield receives 2013 Impact Award

Tuwana Wingfield Impact award

School of Social Work advisor Tuwana Wingfield is a recipient of the 2013 Impact Award.

This award is designed to show appreciation for the impact individual members of the campus community have on new students and on student retention. New students nominate an individual at Illinois State (faculty, staff, upperclassmen, resident assistants, etc.) who has made a difference in their education and academic success

Wingfield’s nomination stated: “Tuwana has benefited my entire ISU experience thus far by actively pursuing my participation in class, my activeness with other clubs and organization, and giving me general advice when I seem to get lost in this journey called college. She is the reason I chose Illinois State University as my new home, and I have seen myself grow and develop as she continues to push me along my way. Her patience and passion for what she does is my inspiration, and I would never want to let her down. She sees potential in me, and reassures me when I need some extra help. The woman is amazing and stronger in spirit than a lot of adults I know. I admire the way she presents herself with a quiet confidence and I honestly aspire to be like her. I am positive that her impact on my education, experience here at Illinois State , and the rest of my life will last.”

Twenty-eight faculty members and instructors, nine academic advisors, 14 campus staff members, and 22 students were honored with the Impact Award.


Tanika I'm so proud of you. Love You Mom

We love you Tanika..