How do prospective students find information about the college or university they are considering attending? More and more, they are turning to social media. From watching videos on YouTube to asking quick questions on Twitter or friending a college or university on Facebook, students now expect to be able to interact with schools online to get more data about the programs they are considering.

Top 100 Social Media Friendly MBA SchoolsThe College of Business and the M.B.A. Program at Illinois State have been ranked by as being among the “Top 100 Most Social Media Friendly MBA Schools for 2013.” is a new social community formed in 2012 in response to the growing demand of M.B.A.’s in the United States, China, and the emerging markets.

More and more prospective students are looking to find new information about the quality, curriculum, and distinct features of M.B.A. programs they are considering attending. The rankings were determined based on data gathered from the social media accounts of more than 400 campus-based business schools. Schools were ranked in terms of their presence and activity levels on various social media platforms. The highest possible score was 100, with a maximum of 25 points for Facebook, 25 for Twitter, 25 for YouTube, 10 for LinkedIn, 5 for Google Plus, 5 for Pinterest, and 5 for Flickr.