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Jeanne Howard earns Chairman’s Award from African American Advisory Council

Dr. Jeanne Howard from Illinois State’s Center for Adoption Studies has earned the Chairman’s Award from the Department of Children and Family Services (DCFS) African American Advisory Council.

Howard, co-director of the center, was bestowed the award June 7 at the 21st Annual Conference on African American Child Well-Being and Family Permanency: Keeping Our Eyes on the Prize.

The African American Advisory Council assists DCFS in providing culturally sensitive, appropriate and competent services to African-Americans. The council functions as an advisor to the DCFS director in provision of services to African-American employees, clients and its contractual agents in the following areas: recruitment, employment, community relations and development, and professional development issues.

“I am always pleased to give that award to someone that I know truly deserves to be recognized for their work and dedication on behalf of children and families,” said council director Michael Burns.