The School of Kinesiology and Recreation and the Department of Health Sciences teamed up to send 13 students on a study abroad trip to Poland from May 12-25, 2013.

The trip provided a variety of cultural experiences for the students who participated. The students spent the early portion of the trip familiarizing themselves with the city of Opole, their home base, and Opole University of Technology, the host college. The group visited the world’s oldest known dinosaur fossil, several health sanitariums, and even got a chance to kayak down the Mala river.

A brief excursion to Krakow enhanced the group’s experience. They toured the Wieliczka Salt Mine, the Market Square, and even the concentration camps at Auschwitz and Birkenau.

The latter part of the trip allowed time for the students to participate in a number of courses on the Opole University of Technology campus, including an adaptive physical education class. Students also trained with Janusz Iskra, a former national track and field coach for Poland, and worked out with a group of Polish athletes playing American football, followed by a game of flag football. In addition, a meeting with the Dean of Science and University Rector (President) was a highlight of the trip.  The students also had a chance to participate in a traditional Chinese tea ceremony at the Confucius Institute and learned a few key calligraphic symbols.

The trip to Poland is an annual summer trip for students in the School of Kinesiology and Recreation and the Department of Health Sciences. Students looking to participate can contact their departmental academic advisor.