Redbird Vintage logo

Illinois State University is launching a new Redbird Vintage line of merchandise, with a little help from Thumbs-Up Reggie.

The fan-favorite Thumbs-Up Reggie, which served as the Redbird logo from roughly 1983-95, is featured on the first item to be sold from the new vintage collection—an “ISU Redbirds” T-shirt from Homage. That retro shirt is now available for purchase online. Homage, an industry leader in collegiate and pro-sports throwback gear, will debut several more Redbird Vintage items this fall.

replica jersey from Ebbets Field Flannels

The Illinois State Redbirds 1969 replica jersey from Ebbets Field Flannels.

Homage also launched a second Illinois State T-shirt featuring Thumbs-Up Reggie this summer, that one available exclusively to members of the Red Alert student section.

Also available online are two Redbird baseball throwbacks from Ebbets Field Flannels—a replica jersey worn by the 1969 NCAA College Division national champion Redbirds, and a 1961-style “N” ballcap that pays tribute to the institution’s original “Illinois State Normal University” name.

Illinois State is Ebbets Field Flannels’ first-ever collegiate partner.

Additional Redbird Vintage products, including hats, pennants and banners, professional attire and more, will be available this fall.

For more Redbird merchandise, check out or Illinois State’s Pinterest page.


5 thoughts on “Alumni can order first Redbird Vintage shirt, jersey, hat

  1. Kathryn Reising McGreevy says:

    I would really like to see the original seal on t-shirts with the original motto. Is that possible?

    1. Kevin Bersett says:

      Ms. McGreevy:
      Thanks for your comment!
      We’ve recreated and made available a couple of older versions of the seal, including an ISNU version, that feature the unaltered motto. In the end, however, it’s up to our manufacturer partner to produce what they feel will sell. That said, we will certainly pass along your comment so they realize there’s interest.

      R.C. McBride ’99
      Director, Trademark and Licensing
      Assistant Director, University Marketing/Communications Illinois State University

  2. Randy Lubbering says:

    I still have a Redbird jacket with that logo!

  3. Paula Dejmek Woods says:

    I too LOVE the Original seal as have a coveted Alumni sweatshirt (Alumni) with that logo on it. Also as this seal with this long-term Motto on it was the class gift for my graduating class (that I served on the ISU Leadership Council and voted for) makes it even more desirable. In fact, my last visit to campus for Dr. Bowman’s magnificant farewell included a mandatory peek through the Library (as was after 5 pm) to “see” this Original seal as is truly a treasure.

    Paula Dejmek Woods,

  4. a kelley says:

    I would like a t shirt with the original seal also.