Normal residents, nonprofit organizations, and business owners looking for assistance with indoor and outdoor tasks may apply to be part of Bring It Back to Normal.

Bring It Back to Normal is an Illinois State University volunteer program that sees more than 200 students pour into the community to make a difference every spring and fall. The next program will be held from 10 a.m. to 1 p.m. Saturday, September 28.

Community members interested in having students volunteer need to submit a job request form. Those submitting forms must register their business or home, describe the task they would like done, and estimate how many students might be needed.

Job request forms are available at the Leadership and Service Office in the Bone Student Center, or online. Forms can also be mailed to residents by calling the Leadership and Service Office at (309) 438-7346.

Forms will also be given out at the August meeting of the Neighbors Association of Normal. All forms must be returned by Friday, August 30.

Those accepted will be contacted in early September.

For years, Illinois State students have taken part in Bring It Back to Normal, helping out area residents who live close to campus by performing a variety of tasks such as raking leaves, painting, mulching, and cleaning gutters.

For more information, call the Leadership and Service Office at (309) 438-7346 or email