As I’ve been introducing new CTLT team members Dana Karraker and Jim Gee via our blog, it’s occurred to me that some of you may have missed our introduction (in the June, 2013 LINK) of our new Coordinator, Blended and Online Instruction, Linda Summers.Linda began her work at CTLT on June 1, 2013, having recently re-located from Tulsa Oklahoma, where she was the Coordinator of Academic Services at the Center for Teaching and Learning at Northeastern State University. She also taught online for Tulsa Community College.

Linda comes to CTLT with a wealth of experience, not only in teaching online, but also in mentoring and supporting others who are doing the same. She holds a variety of certifications from the Quality Matters Program, the “national benchmark for online course design” to which ISU subscribes. (Quality Matters is what puts the “quality” in CTLT’s annual “Design a Quality Online Course” program.) More importantly, Linda sees herself, not as an expert in the design of online and blended courses, but as an expert in course design. Period. After all, as she (or I!) will tell you, the principles are the same, whether you’re designing a course to be taught in an online, blended, or face-to-face environment.

Linda has an eclectic CV, with degrees in fashion merchandising, liberal arts, English, and Library and Information Sciences. Here at ISU, she’s hoping to add a doctorate in Education to her collection of degrees.

First and foremost, though, Linda is going to be a key member of the CTLT team, integral to helping us remember that we need to be more about breaking down internal silos than creating them. With experience in everything from individual consultations to planning symposia, Linda is well positioned to be an all-round contributor to the work of our Center.

In her application to join CTLT, Linda noted that she “consider[s] it critical to develop programs … that have an immediate and positive impact on [faculty’s pedagogical skills] and inspire them to share these new skills with students and colleagues. And just as importantly,” she wrote, “I try to help faculty have a bit of fun along the way.” That’s our kind of colleague.

Whether you have questions Linda can help you answer or you’d just like to meet her in person, you can reach her at or 438-5846. We hope you’ll get to meet her soon!