The Mind Project attracted Ross Sadler ’12 to Illinois State University.

As a result of the research program for students and faculty, Ross created computer software to teach children about computers and the language of the computer science field. 

At the end of his junior year, Ross received a scholarship that recognized him for his achievements with the Mind Project as well as his academic success. He graduated in four years with a double major in computer science and philosophy.

Ross hopes to work for an information technology firm like Sogeti or Raytheon. And he believes his philosophy background will make him more competitive and successful on the job.

“Philosophy taught me how to analyze different perspectives and try to look at a problem from different angles,” he said.

And he’s grateful for the scholarship that eased his path through a tough curriculum.

“A scholarship is empowering because it recognizes good work and helps students achieve their goals by helping take care of the financial side.”