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Your school supply shopping list

School Supplies

Creative Commons photo from Flickr user theclevelandkid24.

School supply shopping has always been my favorite thing to do when preparing for the upcoming school year. But as college courses become increasingly online-dependent, my list of supplies dwindles.

Here’s my list of some items that you should purchase for the school year, regardless of how your classes are taught.

Pens: Whether you’re in class taking notes or doing your homework, always have a pen handy in case you need to jot stuff down. I always seem to lose mine, so I would recommend purchasing a couple packs just to have some on hand.

Post-It notes: These things are my absolute favorite supply. I put sticky notes on everything and anything. I make my daily to-do list on a post-it so I can keep it handy. I also write myself reminders and stick them where I’ll see them and remember to do what I need to do. They’re also great if you’re reading for class and come across something you have a question about or need to mark.

Index cards: Personally, I use these to study for tests. My brain works best if I can quiz myself, so I usually turn my study guides into note cards to study.

3-ring binders: Some people may think I’m a hoarder, but I like to keep binders with notes and everything from my classes. I keep a really big binder for each semester. Especially when you start taking your major classes, you never know when you may need to reference something from a previous class.

Suggest some more ideas in the comments below!

#BirdofMouth blogger Cassidy Obis is a senior public relations major at Illinois State. Read more posts from Cassidy.