Alumni Association executive board members Marty Vanags, Bob Navarro, Kaci Rollings, Linda Yap, Greg Ayers, Bob Freitag, and Jerry Kerber.

There is new leadership within the Alumni Association following the annual meeting in June.

Lisa Castleman ’96, Daniel Lopez, Ph.D. ’02, Doug Reeves ’69, Steve Smith ’89, M.S. ’93 and Alice Spann ’78 were elected to their first, three-year term as members of the board of directors.

Castleman teaches in the Olympia School District and resides in Lexington. Lopez is the associate vice president for Student Affairs at Northeastern Illinois University and resides in Chicago. Reeves, of Towanda, is retired from Pioneer Hi-Bred International Inc.

Smith resides in Elk Grove and is the CEO and executive director of American Academy of Hospice and Palliative Medicine. Spann works for Argonne National Lab and is a resident of Chicago.

The board also elected officers. Jerry Kerber ’74 of Normal is president. Bob Navarro ’91, M.S. ’93, Ph.D. ’02, is vice president/president-elect. He resides in Plainfield. Kaci Rollings ’94 of Ottawa is secretary, with Greg Ayers ’90 of Portage, Michigan, serving as past president.

The Alumni Association is a volunteer, nonprofit group that serves more than 190,000 alumni, the University, and its students. All graduates are automatic members of the Alumni Association. Alumni who have made a gift to the Illinois State University Foundation in the current or preceding year have active membership status and are eligible to serve on the board.