The Masters of Business Administration Association (MBAA) provides a bridge between MBA students and the M.B.A. Program. The MBA Association allows students to participate in activities on two levels. First to foster the professional development of students, the MBA Association brings in industry speakers and sponsors field trips throughout the year. Additionally the MBA Association supports the social development of M.B.A. students by hosting social and philanthropic events.

The following is a question-and-answer session with MBA Association President Rajat Mitra.

Q: What is the focus of the Masters of Business Administration Association?

A: The MBAA is an organization dedicated to enhance the experience of M.B.A. students. Through a variety of activities and events, the MBAA offers career development, philanthropic opportunities, and social interactions for MBA students.

Q: What leadership opportunities does MBAA have?

A: There are many ways to get involved and to gain leadership skills in the MBAA. Officer positions are elected annually and most events are organized by committees allowing MBAA members opportunities to take as much or as little responsibility as they are able to commit to.

Q: What other opportunities and benefits are there of being a member of MBAA?

A: MBAA members enjoy all aspects of the organization, but most members value the chance to interact with other MBA students outside of the classroom. Graduate students are often full-time professionals so free time is limited, which makes MBAA an important link to have with other students who are in similar situations.

Q: What kind of community can one expect in MBAA?

A: We enjoy spending time together, but want to maximize the value of how we spend our time. The MBAA and its officers offer a wide variety of activities that are useful and valuable to its members including employer panels, networking events, social events (such as the paintball excursion that we had in October), and tours of businesses in Illinois.

Q: What is your favorite part about MBAA?

A: The great connections I have made with other MBAA members and with faculty who attend events is my favorite part about MBAA.

Q: When and where does MBAA meet?

A: Officers meet weekly on Thursday nights at 5 p.m. (meetings are open to anyone interested), and general meetings occur monthly in the M.B.A. conference room.

New members are accepted throughout all times of the year, and MBAA allows M.B.A. students to attend its events and activities even if they are not already members. For more information on how to get involved in the Masters of Business Administration Association, email the president, Rajat Mitra, at