President Bone, above left, and Warren Harden watched Governor Otto Kerner sign the University’s name change into law on August 23, 1963.

Mail to the Illinois State magazine editor for August 2013:


To the Editor,

You brought back so many of my memories of President Bone (Bob Bone, February 2013). I was in the crowd the night we sang “Welcome home, Bobby,” even though I had no idea who he was. That soon changed.

I met President Bone on several occasions and attended activities at his home. No matter how long it had been between meetings, he always greeted me by name, and the same goes for his wife.

While preparing for graduation, a group I was in hosted a luncheon for our parents. President Bone was invited. He called my dorm room to tell me he would be happy to attend. That was the highlight of our graduation day. Not to mention he was on stage and shook our hands as we received our diplomas!

Your article was spot on about President Bone. He was a truly remarkable man and I was blessed to have known him.

Cathy Groesch ’68


To the Editor,

Thank you for the wonderful article about Avanti’s (May 2013). I about fell off my chair reading the first paragraph, as I was the WILN deejay that cohosted the Sunday night radio program “Let The Good Times Roll.”

I remember talking with Guido about Avanti’s sponsoring our program. I lived on Dan Rutherford’s floor. Dan encouraged me to ask Guido to sponsor us. I just knew we’d get even more listeners because everyone loved Avanti’s. I remember Susan Nelson Brown always calling in and winning!

Dan’s quote was right on.  I remember him walking down the hall after working and the first thing we’d ask is, “Well, have you got any bread with you?”

Thanks again for bringing back the wonderful memories of Avanti’s!

Scott Scholten  ’78

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